Getting organized has moved to a new level. Renovation. The act of improving by renewing and restoring. In case it wasn’t obvious, this blog really is about the faith journey. You begin the day you examine your life and begin to organize and rearrange your stuff, your priorities. You store the things you don’t need to look at for a while and  get rid of things you don’t want. (See Getting Organized Parts 1 and 2)

As you focus and your understanding of who you are crystallizes, and you become entirely present to one moment, each moment, every day. (See Crystalline Moment)

Other people are always part of growing in faith. Once other people entered my journey, I got renovation. My world turned upside down, walls came down, (all that pine paneling) holes where patched, things were rewired, and new furniture added to structure my daily life; it seemed to take forever. Some days, it looked and felt like nothing was happening at all. In fact, you can see from the picture, the drywall needs paint, and I am not able to get to my desk, yet…

We live in this state our whole lives. God is in the process of renovating our lives. It is unsettling and at the same time life giving and hopeful. What may have seemed fine to begin with, becomes a new creation. Purpose and meaning are added to life. Love and mercy flow freely. All the pieces belong, suddenly everything belongs. Nothing is wasted. Having faith means growing in relationship with God and others to renew and restore our lives, our families, our community, our world. Faith is for improving our lives now.

God’s designs are for glorious living! Especially in the midst of renovation.

4 thoughts on “Renovation

  1. God’s renovating my life, and relocating it too, right on down to Florida. I load the truck tomorrow and leave Wed. God be with you, your family, and your ministry! I’ll be looking for these messages and listen to your sermons on line. Should you ever find yourself in southwest Florida, we should share a meal at my new digs or a local bistro. Thanks for everything.

  2. Why is it that it feels so good to remake “our spaces”? I just started reading a new book (view from the urban loft) that’s fascinating, about how God made the city and reveals “that space” within the context of God’s mission.

    • Sandy,
      When we consider that God made space within God for creation to come forth, then making space is part of our co-creating with God. The paint is going in my office today, pictures will follow! I believe as the gospel is made real on our “interiors,” our “exteriors” carry the Word to others. Love to hear more about your “space” that is floating and carried on waters of grace! Praying for you and WatersEdge Partnership.

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