Interior Space

One Wall at a Time

If we spend any length of time exploring our interior lives, deep where the Spirit of God exists, we get to know our boundaries and our limitations. Each time we come up against a wall, we find that it is there for a reason. It might be protective. It might support other structures. It might be a place of review, scanning moments in time before turning a corner. There comes a day when the walls do not seem to do their job, they crumble and we fill with despair. This is a vulnerable time. Only when we recognize that God is necessary in the process of rebuilding can peace, security and hope be restored. Rebuilding takes time and attention to detail.

My office has two windows and a door, at least that is what I thought. Until during this renovation, we uncovered two windows leading into the sanctuary behind a case of bookshelves. Interesting. Our souls need to be permeable for the Spirit of love and mercy to flow freely. Windows for the soul might be prayer, artistic works, dreams, memories or spiritual friendship. Perhaps there are some windows I have not yet explored, so I am excited about the possibility of restoring windows, especially those that help me see into the sanctuary, amongst God’s presence and God’s people.

This Wednesday, ashes will be imposed and we will begin the forty day journey of Lent. Forty days is symbolic of the time needed for God to accomplish God’s purposes. May you explore your interior lives, get to know your boundaries and limitations, inviting God to help rebuild any walls that don’t bring peace to your soul. May you find new windows for mercy and love to flow freely.

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