Five Silly Sentences….

Join the RevGalBlogPals in using these five words (in any tense) in a sentence:
1. pulpit, puppy, wrench, word, mouse.

The puppy chased the mouse under the pulpit, where the words from last week’s heart wrenching sermon had landed.

2. weep, love, prayer, bassoon, chair

They celebrated her love and life but when the service ended its final note from a gleeful bassoon, she sat and wept in the same chair that her grandmother used for prayer.

3. heart, shutter, wish, turtle, walk

I heard the click of my camera shutter capture the  turtle as it walked toward the orphaned baby hippo, a lasting image that still melts my heart.

4. howl, worry, window, story, trust

My sister’s house looks like one in a story book, her trusting children contained inside brightly colored walls and  windows that shut out the worry of the world and keep the howling violence of the world at bay.

5. garden, hat, shepherd, laugh, sigh.

A deep contented sigh came from underneath the wide brimmed hat that covered the shepherd’s face as he slept in the garden.


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