Getting to Know One Another

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Thank you for following my blog. I am in the midst of many life transitions; empty nest, becoming a grandparent and serving in a vibrant community that extends beyond church walls. I had published Simple Prayers on Facebook for many years but decided that Facebook had more things  that I did not want to read about than things that I did, so here I am. You can reach me at Thank you for praying along with these simple prayers, and hope your life is full with Presence and peace.

3 thoughts on “Getting to Know One Another

  1. I am a contemplative and an artist, and I am currently enjoying Christine Valtner Painter’s book The Artist’s Rule. It grounds my little helium self as do my morning rituals of contemplation and writing and I look forward your simple prayers. with love and gratitude, Charlotte

  2. Thank you Janet for continuing to publish these simple prayers. They are inspiring and blue-collar. Life is definitely a journey with so many twists and turns. I am glad you are experiencing the amazing joy of being a grandmother. Everyone I know who is cannot describe sufficiently the blessings they have with that experience. As I tell people, we must continue to march.

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