A Simple Prayer for Beginning Again

Water ran dry

One day the water ran dry.
Even when life stopped, still creation grew wild,
swelling around me as the water found its different course.
Time has a way of painting extraordinary character
a beauty that has gone by without fading.
Now, more than ever, each breath
draws me back to Presence-
revealing the Love that contained my past,
holds the water that fashions my future.
where each breath is enough.

In October of 2016, my beloved died suddenly and tragically after 36 years together. Just as I began to feel the earth under my feet again, in January of 2019, my sister died three days after a terrible stroke. A month later, a dear friend lost her life, entrusting me with her last letter. A month later, my dear Aunt Janet for whom I am named died, my godmother and beautiful soulmate. Here today, is my simple thought for beginning again. Thank you for reading.


5 thoughts on “A Simple Prayer for Beginning Again

  1. Oh,Janet.
    Thank YOU,
    for your willingness to share that cracked-open heart of yours with us;
    for trusting the wisdom of that heart;
    for being Love; and
    for being loved.

  2. Thank you, Janet. You truly have the heart of God. He is with you. God breathes such wonderful things through you so that we can receive blessings. You are a true gift. Those you have loved and have lost, their lights will never go out, and will never be forgotten. How could they possibly, as God’s love is eternal, and that love cannot be muted or dimmed. They will always live and shine through you and to the world. God Bless you.

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