A Simple Prayer of Thanks

Blessed Provider, 
who picks up the pieces of our lives gathering an abundance where we saw not enough, 
Soon we will be together at table; families, friends and foe. For some of us, the empty places at our tables reflect what has happened in our hearts. Change us to be those who trust rather than fear, turn our yearning into gratitude. Move us to respond to your grace by giving before we take. Fill us with your Loving Presence. And if ever any hostile encounter threatens to separate; extend our arms to reach out in love through your life-giving Word. Amen.

2 thoughts on “A Simple Prayer of Thanks

  1. Thank You Father, for the Presence of your Son and Holy Spirit, in the Thanksgiving
    Prayer of Mrs.Salbert’s Soul, whose Family continues to give you the Glory, as You continue to be their All in All Provision, as we heal daily, from the loss of our Brother in Jesus, Dr. Paul Salbert, God’s Man first and last! Dr. Ron Motley.

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