On Our Knees

As you can see, there is amazing progress being made in my office. Look at these beautiful new bookshelves! There is light shining through clear to the sanctuary! The renovation is coming into the homestretch. This is when prayer is needed the most. Getting closer to our goal, the climb gets steeper requiring us to slow down. Spending time on our knees is not always fun. But time on our knees gives us an opportunity to listen for God, to allow God to direct our words and deeds, and to work in union with God’s plan.

Worn out and tired by the disarray of our lives, sometimes the only place to go is down. Our knees hit the floor in brokenness. I think this is the message of Holy Week.  We are not just to admire God, but to follow God. Maybe like the ancient disciples, we want to flee the scene. But following Christ is about accepting a journey to the cross. Instead of operating poised on strength alone, we walk towards our weaknesses, as imperfect people, risking sharing our true selves and finding transformation when we learn that the tomb which we thought was empty has revealed a whole new creation.

So don’t fall asleep this week, bend your knees and find the cross emerging victoriously in your life.

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