Contemplative Morning Prayer

Pilgrim of Peace, who brings purpose that leads to contentment,
In silence, we long for the voice we hear to be yours. Relieve us from our distractions so that we are deepened by an awareness of your Presence. Rather than skimming along the surface of routine, give us courage to move toward what is unknown. Help us to trust the the invisible thread that guides us when we feel lost. Use the fog of our misperceptions to improve our sense of clarity. As we search for what is real, let us not be disappointed when our hearts break. Initiate new understanding and purpose in us as we find the sacred center of this day. Amen. >


2 thoughts on “Contemplative Morning Prayer

  1. Janet you are faithful in sharing the Wednesday morning prayer and today from London. Thank You. Love the picture you posted yesterday on Facebook. Best regards to you and your “traveling companions.”

    • Jim, thanks for faithfully praying with me! We are learning so much and truly have had a special sharing through this time together in London, lots of great art and wonderful meals together. See you soon!

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