Eternal Gifts


Gracious Presence, who is with us in our comings and goings,
We pause to allow quiet to enter into our harried minds. Make this day a pilgrimage toward a closer encounter with You. Some of our steps are clear, guided by your love. And some of our steps require faith through the power of your Spirit. Thank you for the privilege of established relationships with loved ones who now tie our lives to the life that is to come. Center us to carry gifts of healing mercies and love that have been given to us making each step count for the sake of offering these eternal gifts to others. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Eternal Gifts

  1. Janet,

    Such loving, heartfelt words woven into a beautiful prayer. Thank you for opening your soul and sharing these words that allow all of us to sense God in our lives in so many different ways.

    Please know that you and yours continue to be ever present in my thoughts and that I breathe special prayers for you daily.

    Peace be with you.



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