Quiet Community

Quiet Community

Creator of Life, who is active in the deep, darkness of the winter earth,
Encircle us with your peace in this silence. Use this frozen season to help us learn to rest in all that is. Bring us to accept and acknowledge the unknown as we begin this New Year. Guide us in full trust toward what cannot yet be seen. Gently break us open to growing in ways we resist, then, use our practice as seeds to engage others so that your Presence is fully realized in quiet spaces of community. Amen.

Lengthening Shadows Ending this Year

Shadows of the year

Holy One, who fills both lightness and darkness with mystery,
As the shadows lengthen on this year, we attend to the fullness of your Presence. Your love comes at us so fully, and so often we either shy away, or are too distracted to notice. Right here, we have all that is needed; somehow we are enough, right now. We count on you to continue to make us tender with compassion and to further our trust in the ways of mercy and forgiveness. Our deepest desire is for peace with all people. With this last dusk of the year, propel us into the unknown future trusting that you are already there, preparing for our next moment. Open us to receive all that you provide with gladness. Amen.

Focus Beyond


Mysterious One, who captures each moment for eternity,
Let the silence deepen revealing your creative love. Help us to focus on what appears beyond ourselves. Cast aside any fear to make space for trust. Loosen our grip especially in the darkness. Fill us with forgiveness toward all that rejects You, especially when that happens to be our own heart. Lead us with the peace of your Presence so that we find you in the glorious landscape of our lives. Amen.

Relieved By Compassion

Relieved byCompassionLight of Dawn, who guides us through this day,
Slow down our pace, calm us with your silent Presence. Often, we travel over the ground too quickly. We forget to attend to the unfolding mystery around us. Remind us once again that renewal comes through forgiveness, discomfort is relieved by compassion, and that faith comes with increasing trust in all that lies beyond ourselves. Amen.

Ready for Redemption

DSC04150 Divine Wisdom, who readies us for transformation with waiting, Capture our attention in this silent moment. Refresh us with the peace of your Presence. Relieve us from deadening routines and over commitment. If we cannot answer, “why am I doing this?” then, help us to let it go. Instill in us a new sense of trust and patience for your unfolding plan. When the time is right, bind us with work that gives us freedom. Amen.

Held in this Moment

IMG_0323Sentinel of the Evening, who restores us through rest,
We are grateful to you carrying us through this day, and for holding us in this moment. As we reflect back on this day, we realize how many times you dropped us on the threshold of divine mystery. We remember the treasure found in each person we encountered. Your faithful Presence was revealed in every challenge and each blessing. Help us now to surrender to the darkness, trusting in your peace and soaking in new mercy. Amen.

Places of Welcome

trompe d'oeil

Truth-telling Spirit, who has answers to all that we seek,
Immerse us in the peace of your Presence. Slow our pace to show us what is reality and what is illusion. Bring the truth in ourselves to the surface. Use this pause to remind us that façade and shadow might appear to look good for a time, but do not allow others to enter in. Confront us with the full acceptance your love and mercy offers, so that we might increase our gentleness and compassion toward others. Make our lives places of welcome. Amen.

Every Blessing

DSC04017Giver of Every Blessing, whose constancy offers exactly what we need,
In the early morning light, we pause to consider the goodness you are already revealing. Rather than moving too quickly into the challenges of this day, fill us with a sense of quiet calm. Remind us that any frustrations or disappointments we encounter hold the hidden blessing of guiding and directing us in becoming who you created us to be. Reassure us that your light is ever brighter when it passes through dark spaces. Turn our longings into blessings amongst our families, our communities and our world. Amen.

Unhurried Hearts

Beauty out of Disorder

Maker of Wonder, who brings beauty even out of disorder,
We begin this day listening for you, soaking in your silent peace. Deliver from our depths a word of mercy to untangle our thoughts. Heighten our sense of trust in all that is. Amidst the full days on our calendars, slow us down to notice the glory of your work within and amongst us. Give us unhurried hearts for the sake of others. Amen.