Simple Prayer from Darkness


Oh God, Unknown One, whose creation desperately needs redemption
Nothing makes any sense. We are not taking a breath, every cell in our bodies anxious with furious vibration, broken bones and torn flesh, every thought numbed. Lead us through this arid wilderness. Can the lost be found? Can the afflicted be comforted or the proud be convicted? Can we be sustained by your promise?  Redeem the images seared in our memories. Embroider the names of victims on our hearts and in our minds until compassion brings us to new places of hope. Amen.

A Simple Prayer for our Work

DSC01941 2

Holy God, who courses beside us every hour,
Draw us toward the light of your Presence as we delve into the details our our work this day. Move us from one grateful thought to another for all that you provide. Like the squirrels outside our windows, flirting from one golden tree to the next, release any fixation we have on our ideas or opinions so that love may flow freely upon our sisters and brothers amongst us. As the day begins to fade into evening, help us to carry home the tender ways your fullness is being revealed, sustaining us in the dark and accompanying our rest. Amen.