Simplify Our Work

Winter skylight

Giver of Clarity, whose vast Spirit hovers over and around us,
In the quiet morning, we breathe in your fullness. Settle us under the light of your Presence. Help us to let go of anything too burdensome to carry into this day. Simplify our work to only that which brings strength to another. Reveal your compassion and peace when harmful actions interrupt goodness. Guide us by your mercy to engage whole communities in ways that encompass hope. Amen.

#nofilter #notimelapse



Healing Presence, who delivers us out of the haze of our distractions,
Touch with tenderness any who are separated from you. Teach us to trust the silence which brings us to your accepting love. Brighten our lives through the kindness and beauty existing amongst us, moving us to participate in the recovery of another. Soften our tongues to be those who speak words of your mercy, justice and peace throughout this day. Amen.

Uncover Us


Hidden God, whose depths are infinite,
Help us shed our outer layers in this silence. Uncover the stranger that is within. Living on the surface, seeing only what is visible, can blind us toward the very thing we need to recognize. Rather than the condemnation we claim upon ourselves and others, guide us to deeper truths though which life emerges. Bring acceptance, clarity and peace up from the sacred chaos. Amen.

Droplets of Grace



Wisdom of Creation, who sends droplets of grace into every moment,
Sometimes when we quiet ourselves, leftover remnants from the cold glances of our humanity come to mind and we are disappointed. Bring us to look further at the things we so readily dismiss. Help us to make peace with our own deficiencies leaving us empty enough to receive the fullness of your Presence. Then, with the grace you shine into our lives, give us clarity to see rich treasure in others. Amen.