Advent Waiting

The season of Advent  is upon us. This is a season of waiting. As we wait,
we watch. We seek God’s active presence coming into the world. Maybe we are watching world news and want to see peace. Maybe we are waiting with a sick relative and want to see healing. Perhaps we are waiting with children and want to see love open wide in family life. Some of us wait by ourselves,
looking for a glimpse of Jesus coming toward us.

Waiting and prayer have a lot in common. Waiting is not inactive. We wait
with an openness to respond. We wait with a heart ready to help. We wait to
have God move us to share love. Christians most often have the dilemma
between choosing between two good options. Maybe this year we need to choose an option that helps us admit we need God to accomplish it. Maybe we need to choose to do the thing that moves us to more fully experience God’s presence and power at work in our lives. Maybe this is what it means for Christ to come again.


Imagine allowing the winds to lift up the sails of a kite carrying you along with it! Freedom! Pure joy! Look again. The kite in the foreground is guided by a pilot. Each kite has harnesses attached to a fine system of tethers all working together to make flight possible. If even one of these connections is missing or tangled, gliding in this kite would not be possible.

The life of faith gives us opportunity to learn and experience the kind of freedom and joy that comes only when we are deeply connected to God and one another. It can take several relationships in order for us to grow. While we all make mistakes in our relationship with God or others, and we may at times feel lost and confused, when we stay connected, somehow, along with the other supports that we have, eventually the Spirit can lift us again. It is there we find the fullness of joy and freedom that comes with commitment.

Making a commitment is difficult today. We have so many choices. We want to experience so much. When making a new commitment, ask yourself if your new commitment will  help support the connections you already have in place. Living fully is not about experiencing everything, it is about living within the boundaries of our limitations and finding in those everything we need.

Happy sailing!