Increase our Humility


Persistent One, who acts daily to provide for our deepest needs,
Capture our attention in this silence. Use each breath to reconnect our bodies and souls. Bring our intent for this day into focus, Help us to notice what we too often overlook, increasing our humility before your grace. Rather than respond impatiently to what seem to be interruptions, remind us that your Presence might be found in the mundane. Make it so that our best work today is that which goes unnoticed. Amen.

Photo-Incheon, Korea, October 2014 JPS

Window of Prayer

Window of PrayerInnkeeper of Grace, whose love abides within and around us,
Before we begin our searching this day, use this silence to open us to the stillness of your Presence. Unify our bodies and souls with each breath. Increase our trust in responding to the guidance of your Spirit. Bring us to live between places of rootedness and places of mystery. Guide us to open spaces where previously we have found only walls. Strengthen our charity and understanding through this window of prayer. Amen.

Making Space

Making SpaceCreator of Space, who makes room for life to emerge,
As we begin a new day, center us on your Presence and peace. Energize us for our work, strengthening us to discover unused gifts for the challenges ahead. Remind us to not overlook what is alive and gives purpose in the hearts of those we work with. Give us the grace to bring balance and objectivity to each task. And amidst our work, help us make space to gather together in moments of quiet and rest and unity throughout this day. Amen.

Waves of Renewal


Living Water, who flows over and through our lives,
Serenity spreads through our bodies as we soak in your silent Presence. Each breath releases a wave of renewal. Draw us to the source of your merciful love. Give us wisdom to live in the balance of emptiness and sufficiency. Send us out, today, so that the invisible is made visible. Amen.

Presence Brings Peace


Source of Brightness, who illuminates the earth in every season,
In the hushed silence of this snowfall, we attend to your Presence. Like the creatures of the wood, you turn us inward in preparation for the work ahead. Help us to move slowly through this day, taking our time to notice the details we thought were insignificant. Foster patience in facing our difficulties, deepening our experience in the sufficiency of your grace. As we yearn for peace amongst peoples, fill us with yours.  Amen.

Warmth of Assurance


Giver of Goodness, who refreshes our lives with grace and mercy,
Steady our souls in this stillness. With each morning dawn your Presence enfolds us in layers of loving-kindness and the chill of our separation is replaced with the warmth of assurance. Fill us with compassion and increase our courage to take down the walls that keep others frozen and left out. Open the doors that make our true dwelling place in you. Amen.

Droplets of Grace



Wisdom of Creation, who sends droplets of grace into every moment,
Sometimes when we quiet ourselves, leftover remnants from the cold glances of our humanity come to mind and we are disappointed. Bring us to look further at the things we so readily dismiss. Help us to make peace with our own deficiencies leaving us empty enough to receive the fullness of your Presence. Then, with the grace you shine into our lives, give us clarity to see rich treasure in others. Amen.

Classifieds for Christ


My mom was a crafter of words, for twenty years, she worked at the local newspaper and wrote all the classified ads.  When she retired, it wasnt the number of sales she made that her co-workers remembered but it was my mothers way with words. Mom had a way of speaking about things that exposed the interest point. My mom spent her time exposing in ads;
that one mans junk was anothers treasure,
that  a good deal  could always be found and
that a new life could always be given to someones throw aways.

That sounds kind of like the gospel to me. The differences are that the object that may be considered junk for one and treasure to another is the cross of Jesus Christ. The throw aways that are given new life in the church are usually human beings and the good deal you get in church is always free, the love and grace of God is free for everyone.

Think about the classified ad that you might write that would invite others toward a relationship with God and your community of faith.  When you come up with yours, please share them here in comments.