Giving Thanks

Da'il Won Gu

Giver of Abundance, who blesses us all,
For the earth, her beauty and her bounty, thanks be. For time spent attending to your Presence, thanks be. We enter your life, Holy One, and find you deep within ours. With joy and thanksgiving, direct us this day toward every opportunity to love through our work and our play. May all that which we offer, be for the sake of another. Amen.

Lift to Life


Guardian of Hope, who lifts us to life,
At the dawn of this day, we begin with you in Silence, opening space in our lives for patient waiting. Empty us even of our emptiness. Let gratitude rise in our hearts for places of pasture. Saturate us with your Presence to become truly ourselves creating a flow in our community where love and mercy prevail. Send us out into this day carrying compassion that helps others be true and whole. Amen.

10574270_10202801335499873_4907267922306108397_nGod of Re-Creativity, whose constancy is an open invitation,
Bring us toward Your attentive Presence in these silent moments. Use each breath to saturate us with peace. As we take on the challenges of this day, increase our humility for the sake of right relationship. Guide us with an openness to see things from another’s perspective. Sustain us with gratitude for your blessed creatures reminding us to take time to rest in the pleasures of the earth. Deliver us to new places of well-being and hope. Amen.

Sampson of Wentworth Cove


Satisfy our Hunger


God of Blessing, whose abundance is found beyond the things of this world.
Clear the path for our gratitude in this silence. Satisfy our hunger with faith, love, and hope rather than that which we see and touch. We are thankful that your generosity relieves us of our immobility.  We encounter your Presence as we connect and respond with the need of those around us.  For those we do not reach, we pray trusting in your great mercy. Remind us all that You alone are enough. Amen.