Alive in Christ!

DSC00272                             Easter Sunrise, Woodlawn Plantation

Today we celebrate the Risen Christ! Today, we celebrate victory over sin and death! And here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter if we feel victorious or not, if we recognize Christ or not,  if we deny Jesus or accept him, it doesn’t matter if new life is part of our experience or if we are still waiting for something good to happen in our lives, because simply put, we do not accomplish the resurrection, God does that! And there is nothing we can do about it. God loves us and wants us all to have a full and meaningful life. The good news for the church, and the good news for you and for me today, is that any emptiness, any place of death in our lives, any life-sucking energy depleting circumstances, any illness or addiction we might be dealing with, could be the very avenue that God will use to bring us to new life.

Alleluia! Christ our Lord is Risen today!

Hope is Here

Hope is not wishful thinking, it is not wanting things to turn out a certain way. Hope is accepting all that is here and responding in trust for the future. Mary is our symbol of hope this season. Mary openly received the direction to head down an unknown road. She was affirmed through the messengers sent to join her on the way.  She continued on, knowing that Joseph and Elizabeth were aware of all that was happening within her.

Hope is strengthened through sharing with others. Joseph held Mary’s hand the whole journey long, himself hoping for what was ahead. It was not easier or more comfortable, their questions was not answered immediately.

In fact, I am not sure you can have hope without vulnerability. What are you hoping for? Who is holding your hand? What is affirming you as you respond? These are the questions of the season.

We are not merely to survive this season.  Hope is here.