Supporting Structures


Community Builder, whose authority comes through love,
Use the silence of this morning to refresh our sense of your Presence. Our hearts are grateful every time we recognize your sustaining power is found both within and outside our lives. Restructure our sense of individualism into a willingness to lean upon one another. Remind us that the reinforcement that gives us strength is sometimes hidden from our sight. Inspire us to offer simple acts of kindness, today, encouraging the best in one another and turning us into a community of friends. Amen.

Window of Prayer

Window of PrayerInnkeeper of Grace, whose love abides within and around us,
Before we begin our searching this day, use this silence to open us to the stillness of your Presence. Unify our bodies and souls with each breath. Increase our trust in responding to the guidance of your Spirit. Bring us to live between places of rootedness and places of mystery. Guide us to open spaces where previously we have found only walls. Strengthen our charity and understanding through this window of prayer. Amen.

Deepen Our Roots

Deepen Our Roots



Tree of Life, who justifies our lives through Spirit,
As a new day dawns and the soft morning air greets us, open us to take in all this day has to offer. Deepen our roots giving us courage and an increasing humility to both stand in the shadows when needed and at other times, to receive your brilliant, abundant light. We patiently wait for all that is to come listening for you in the ordinary birds full of song, the voices of those we speak with and the noise of work or play happening around us. Ground us in experiencing your grace so that we grow with passionate mercy becoming a place of healing and hope for the needs of our world. Amen.

Rich Peace


Wise Friend, who welcomes us with arms outstretched,
Widen our hearts in this time of silent waiting. Nurture our intent to invite the Spirit’s leading. Open us to the possibility that any encounter with your Presence might help us to see the other who we do not yet know. Teach us to enjoy the rich peace that comes with acceptance. Then, send us out into this day gathering love. Amen.

Building Strength


Maker of Miracles, whose healing power is at work in all brokenness,
Transform our fear with your Presence. Lead us to accepting the possibilities that arise when we learn openness toward what is unknown. Help us to see all you provide to strengthen and sustain us. As each new detail is set in place, remind us that wholeness comes through the miracle of community. Amen.

Delicate Blooms


Divine Gardener, through whom beauty appears,
Open us in this silence to allow your life-giving power to enter us through each breath. Teach us to hold lightly any sense of your Presence. Increase our trust through the empty and dark days. Strengthen our awareness of the delicate and fleeting blooms of kindness that help us endure reminding us that we are not alone. Help us return to this emptiness often so that we can emerge full. Amen.

Nesting Time


Counselor of the Exiles, who leads us to our true home,
Sometimes we grow weary of living in the tension of the reality we perceive and the future we hope to enter. Refresh us with this pause in our day, to take in to our beings all that you are providing and to send away from ourselves all that holds us back. Help us to listen more deeply to your silent song. Show us the creative threads you provide for us to use and then build in our hearts a place for new life to emerge. Amen.