Delicate Strength



Life-giving Breath, whose delicate strength upholds our lives,
Use this morning silence to deepen our awareness of your Presence. Make each breath an opportunity to awaken our intent for this day. Bring us to understand that life comes through inhaling and exhaling, an eternal pattern of receiving and releasing. Rather than hold on too tightly to that which we receive, give us the grace to release it for others. Mercy, love, and forgiveness multiply this way. Increase our trust as you lead us to places where nothing unfolds into everything. Amen.

Reconciling Peace


Living One, who extends mercy far beyond our perception,
Encircle us in the strength of your Love. Cradle us within the safety of your silent arms. Whisper deep truths into our hearts increasing our understanding and refreshing our imagination. Use our dependence on You to confront what we thought impossible, finding instead the reality of your Presence and reconciling peace. Amen.

Satisfy our Hunger


God of Blessing, whose abundance is found beyond the things of this world.
Clear the path for our gratitude in this silence. Satisfy our hunger with faith, love, and hope rather than that which we see and touch. We are thankful that your generosity relieves us of our immobility.  We encounter your Presence as we connect and respond with the need of those around us.  For those we do not reach, we pray trusting in your great mercy. Remind us all that You alone are enough. Amen.