Deepen Our Roots

Deepen Our Roots



Tree of Life, who justifies our lives through Spirit,
As a new day dawns and the soft morning air greets us, open us to take in all this day has to offer. Deepen our roots giving us courage and an increasing humility to both stand in the shadows when needed and at other times, to receive your brilliant, abundant light. We patiently wait for all that is to come listening for you in the ordinary birds full of song, the voices of those we speak with and the noise of work or play happening around us. Ground us in experiencing your grace so that we grow with passionate mercy becoming a place of healing and hope for the needs of our world. Amen.

Rich Peace


Wise Friend, who welcomes us with arms outstretched,
Widen our hearts in this time of silent waiting. Nurture our intent to invite the Spirit’s leading. Open us to the possibility that any encounter with your Presence might help us to see the other who we do not yet know. Teach us to enjoy the rich peace that comes with acceptance. Then, send us out into this day gathering love. Amen.

Body and Soul


Breath of Life, who is restoring all of creation,
In the midst of these endless winter days, free us of fear, help us to face our guilt and grant us your mercy so that our bodies and souls are readied to join in the transformation of the earth.  Open us with each breath we take, further washing away any cynicism or mistrust. Stretch our bodies in ways that hold our communal life together. Remind us that faith is not simply a spiritual exercise but a physical experience. Prepare us for a future where your Presence is fully revealed in all of creation. Amen.

Builder of Bridges


Builder of Bridges, who carries us across the span of each day,
Enliven us anew with our silent breathing. Use this moment to connect us with the power of your loving Presence. Give us wisdom to wait on the threshold of choices we make today. With what we cannot see, hold us in the pattern of your truth. Bring us alongside others who share our hopes. And when the day is over, realize in us that faith alone brings us across each divide. Amen.

Find Treasures of Peace


Maker of Wonder, who brings us to awe in unexpected ways,
In this silent stream, examine our hearts and still our souls. We wait for Your loving Presence to transform our fear to gentle confidence. Prepare us, this day, to be those who find the treasures of peace and hope amongst those who are lonely, anxious and suffering in our families and communities. Bring us to rejoice in the connections shared through open hearts. Amen.

Hope is Here

Hope is not wishful thinking, it is not wanting things to turn out a certain way. Hope is accepting all that is here and responding in trust for the future. Mary is our symbol of hope this season. Mary openly received the direction to head down an unknown road. She was affirmed through the messengers sent to join her on the way.  She continued on, knowing that Joseph and Elizabeth were aware of all that was happening within her.

Hope is strengthened through sharing with others. Joseph held Mary’s hand the whole journey long, himself hoping for what was ahead. It was not easier or more comfortable, their questions was not answered immediately.

In fact, I am not sure you can have hope without vulnerability. What are you hoping for? Who is holding your hand? What is affirming you as you respond? These are the questions of the season.

We are not merely to survive this season.  Hope is here.