Are Not the Flowers the Stars of the Earth?

Starsofearth (1)

Creator of Wonder, who immerses us in the beauty of the earth,
As the stars fade in the morning light, flowers illuminate our view, and we greet the new day finding your fullness in it. Make each breath a taking in of the gift of your Presence. Slow us to savor the richness around us. Our anxiety over our circumstances is relieved when we accept that what you provide is enough, perhaps far more than we deserve. Day after day, we receive your goodness. Under canopies of stars and amongst paths lined with flowers, turn us into wide-eyed lovers, eagerly anticipating deeper connection with You and all the earth. Amen.

Living Hearts


Wisdom of the Ages, whose desire is fullness of life,
Enlighten our hearts with your Presence. As we become aware of our breath and pulse, unify our bodies and souls. It is awesome to consider the vast expression of human vibration. It is beyond our comprehension how granite mountains can be so still and yet so alive. Even a single drop of water can carve a stone. And when we stand before the mystery of death, compassion overflows and somehow life arises from despair. You make all things possible through your transforming Love. Amen.

A Prayer for a Summer Day


Nurturing Maker of Earth, whose creative work is revealed in each season,
Send us outdoors this day to be immersed by your loving Presence. Refill us with breaths of sunshine and color. Our hearts fling open to take in the beautify of your fields and sky. Our bodies are sustained by your summer fruit. Return our thoughts to your constancy and your bounty. Everywhere you recreate us with a goodness that is real right now, and forever. Amen.

Emerging Beauty


Revealer of Treasure, who gives us a glimpse of hidden things,
This new day begins with blue birds flirting on the window sill and flowering trees boasting of their beauty. Amongst creation’s commotion, we encounter your peace filled Presence. In the course of our responsibilities today, awaken our hearts to uncover the potential for love and emerging beauty you bring to every circumstance. Plant us as beacons in your garden so others might encounter your fullness where they thought there was nothing. Amen.

Carry Us Toward Truth


Strength of Today, whose arms carry us toward truth,
Use this silent moment to help us to notice the beauty that can be found amongst the shadows. Give us strong hearts willing to grow in difficult seasons. We begin this Lenten journey remembering that we all return to dust. Whatever our vantage point, help us to look closely for the connections that exist to encourage and support us. As we find our way through this day, cast light from our depths for the sake of the strengthening another. Amen.

Surrendor to Beauty


Sustainer of Grace, whose wisdom is found in the rhythms of the earth,
Draw us toward your active Presence as we set our intent for this day. No matter what is needed, move us away from self sufficiency to surrender. In each encounter and circumstance, open us to notice your beauty and truth. Use the interruptions to simplify our efforts to only that which is essential.  Fill us with the kind of gratitude that reaches out to support those around us. When the day is over, help us to rest satisfied in all that You accomplished to bring your creation to new wholeness. Amen.

Held in this Moment

IMG_0323Sentinel of the Evening, who restores us through rest,
We are grateful to you carrying us through this day, and for holding us in this moment. As we reflect back on this day, we realize how many times you dropped us on the threshold of divine mystery. We remember the treasure found in each person we encountered. Your faithful Presence was revealed in every challenge and each blessing. Help us now to surrender to the darkness, trusting in your peace and soaking in new mercy. Amen.

Unhurried Hearts

Beauty out of Disorder

Maker of Wonder, who brings beauty even out of disorder,
We begin this day listening for you, soaking in your silent peace. Deliver from our depths a word of mercy to untangle our thoughts. Heighten our sense of trust in all that is. Amidst the full days on our calendars, slow us down to notice the glory of your work within and amongst us. Give us unhurried hearts for the sake of others. Amen.

Cultivator of Color

Cultivator of ColorCultivator of Color, whose delicate blooms capture our attention,
Empty us in this silence so your fullness may enter. Enliven us with your Presence as we breathe in the lovely, fresh scent of morning air. Slow our pace to dwell amongst summer gardens, taking in the rich variety and textures that bring such pleasure. Refresh our own sense of uniqueness. Perhaps all we need to do this day is stand where we are and grow, enjoying the mingling of fragrance created by those planted nearby. Then, let our community satisfy all those who enter. Amen.

Refreshed in Light and Beauty


Companion of Travelers, who is with us in our comings and goings,
Awaken us to the gift that is within. Breathe life into our souls and strengthen us for the physical work of this day. Kindle in our hearts new willingness to journey beyond the past. Help us to focus on the faces of the pilgrims we meet on the path looking into their lives with deeper compassion. When fatigue sets in, refresh us with the light and beauty that emerges when we simply look up from our work. Amen.