A Visual Peace


Do you remember how you FELT the first time you encountered God? Take some time to revisit that experience. What is God revealing to you now? 

Try this, sit back, close your eyes if you want, take a deep breath and let go. Take another breath and relax as you exhale. Now for just a few moments, visualize one of the beautiful Spring flowers you have seen through this last week, perhaps a blooming bush or tree caught your attention. Breath in its fresh scent. Notice the color and texture of the flower in your mind’s eye. Bring as many details as you can remember, the stamen and pistil, the petals and stem. Follow the flower down through the stem to its roots, where this last week’s rain saturated the ground offering this flower nutrients from the soil. Imagine that all this flower needs to create beauty is being provided by our Creator.

Now take a moment to consider your own life. Imagine God caring for your life in the same way the flower is cared for. Consider the things God is nurturing your life with at present. There is nothing you need to schedule or arrange,  nowhere you need to go for the moment, just take some time in the assurance that God is already providing all that you need to bring meaning and purpose to your days. As the flower opens up to reveal the blessing it offers, imagine your life gently opening to reveal something God is using to bless others.

Now look around the garden of your life, at all the other blooms. What attracts or repels you? How is your life connected to the others? Walk right to the center of this garden to the Source of peace and contentment. Inhale that grace deeply. Take a moment to soak up the peace you feel. 

When you are ready, you may return your attention to your surroundings and stretch.

On Fecundity

DSC00299In Springtime, the air is full of earth’s fecundity. Robins dance as they build nests to fill with vulnerability. Blue jays hop along the bare branches full of last night’s rain dropping diamonds of light with every landing. Blooms begin to emerge in surprising places. Everything begins with beauty.

Beauty is sometimes easiest to find in a square inch; one raindrop, one robin’s egg, a newborn’s hands, and her mother’s smile. Sometimes beauty is found in large brushstrokes like the patterns clouds make in the sky at sunset, the steady stream of traffic that brings loved ones home after work, or fresh row of strawberries ripening in the sunshine. Beauty captures our attention in large masterpieces, too. A mountaintop view or a breezy balcony on the edge of the salty sea; an instrumental symphony, a choral harmony or the  sound of rushing waters over swollen rivers. Sooner or later the raindrop we encountered becomes the masterpiece. And, the fleeting beauty of choral voices bring us to notice one single Voice. The words of John Keats in an Ode on a Grecian Urn remind us, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty and that is all you need to know.”

It takes all our senses to receive beauty. It requires an open awareness to all that is. The more beauty we take in, the more beauty is reflected back for others. Practice fecundity.