Coves of Peace


Divine Stream, who daily ushers us into rivers with unfamiliar currents,
Use these moments, O God, to slow us down enough for attending to the fullness of your Presence. Interrupt the routine of our schedules to notice the overlooked blessings around us. Stir our depths until your love surfaces. Turn us toward the healing found through your wondrous creation. Whether we are employed or not, use the work of this day to bring those who are hurting toward quiet coves of peace. Amen.

10574270_10202801335499873_4907267922306108397_nGod of Re-Creativity, whose constancy is an open invitation,
Bring us toward Your attentive Presence in these silent moments. Use each breath to saturate us with peace. As we take on the challenges of this day, increase our humility for the sake of right relationship. Guide us with an openness to see things from another’s perspective. Sustain us with gratitude for your blessed creatures reminding us to take time to rest in the pleasures of the earth. Deliver us to new places of well-being and hope. Amen.

Sampson of Wentworth Cove


Home of Peace


Guardian of Souls, whose creation is the place of our sanctuary,
As daylight slides over the horizon, we turn homeward from the exploration of this day. Your Presence is the open door through which we enter and are welcomed. Refresh us with each breath, gently slipping your blanket of peace around our shoulders. Satisfy us with the slow cadence of night noises coming from the creatures around us. Use your mercy to transform our weariness into cushions where others can come to rest. Amen.

Creator of Nations


Creator of Nations, who lives and dwells amongst us all,
Open our hearts in this time of silence that we might hear the judgments we make against others. Bring us to understand those same judgments are how we condemn ourselves. Remind us that your kin-dom is built on compassion, one person to another. Deliver us into this day aware of the many nations represented wherever we may be; each nation living through different realities and yet, all the same humanity.  Inspire in us a tireless prayer for peace until we become peace. Amen.

Contemplative Morning Prayer

Pilgrim of Peace, who brings purpose that leads to contentment,
In silence, we long for the voice we hear to be yours. Relieve us from our distractions so that we are deepened by an awareness of your Presence. Rather than skimming along the surface of routine, give us courage to move toward what is unknown. Help us to trust the the invisible thread that guides us when we feel lost. Use the fog of our misperceptions to improve our sense of clarity. As we search for what is real, let us not be disappointed when our hearts break. Initiate new understanding and purpose in us as we find the sacred center of this day. Amen. >


Rich Peace


Wise Friend, who welcomes us with arms outstretched,
Widen our hearts in this time of silent waiting. Nurture our intent to invite the Spirit’s leading. Open us to the possibility that any encounter with your Presence might help us to see the other who we do not yet know. Teach us to enjoy the rich peace that comes with acceptance. Then, send us out into this day gathering love. Amen.

A Step Beyond


Loving Liberator, who overcomes our fear through faith,
Drop us into the depths of our interior in this silent moment. Refresh us with a sense of peace through each new breath. Shift our awareness from our thoughts to your Presence. Guide us to explore a step further than we have known before. Gently uncover what is hidden until we bring a unity to our words and deeds today. Amen.

Uncover Us


Hidden God, whose depths are infinite,
Help us shed our outer layers in this silence. Uncover the stranger that is within. Living on the surface, seeing only what is visible, can blind us toward the very thing we need to recognize. Rather than the condemnation we claim upon ourselves and others, guide us to deeper truths though which life emerges. Bring acceptance, clarity and peace up from the sacred chaos. Amen.

Waves of Renewal


Living Water, who flows over and through our lives,
Serenity spreads through our bodies as we soak in your silent Presence. Each breath releases a wave of renewal. Draw us to the source of your merciful love. Give us wisdom to live in the balance of emptiness and sufficiency. Send us out, today, so that the invisible is made visible. Amen.

Presence Brings Peace


Source of Brightness, who illuminates the earth in every season,
In the hushed silence of this snowfall, we attend to your Presence. Like the creatures of the wood, you turn us inward in preparation for the work ahead. Help us to move slowly through this day, taking our time to notice the details we thought were insignificant. Foster patience in facing our difficulties, deepening our experience in the sufficiency of your grace. As we yearn for peace amongst peoples, fill us with yours.  Amen.